Deal or no deal?

We have been thinking about this a lot lately – what is a deal and what is not?

We love getting the best pricing when we can for our clients when possible, however when a client brings us a ‘deal’ they found on Craigslist and they have already hired/paid for it, I cringe – Now, I am not saying that all business dealings on Craigslist are bad, of course you can find a small business just starting out and have great luck.  To avoid some pretty stressful situations – We’d like to share some really helpful tips for you to ponder.

  1. Get it in writing first, this is done by insisting  you have a valid contract with the deal  outline and what services you are paying for counter-signed by the vendor.  You must read and review the contract and clauses for any odd items and question  them on something that seems strange. We also recommend that you send an email to your vendor with your expectations written out and make sure they confirm it back with you.
  2. You get references from PLACES/VENUES/VENDORS that the person/company has worked for.  We would even go so far to ask the venue or vendor to contact the client they worked with for a reference.  This way you are not getting a cousin, or best friend who will provide a glowing review of services
  3. You do a search of the person/company on Google and see what comes up
  4. DO NOT SENT A DEPOSIT unless you have checked off 1,2,3
  5. Of course our solution is to hire a seasoned event planner from the beginning stages of your amazing adventure together.  If you think this is a major investment for your wedding budget – it is simple, it is.  But in the end it will save you, your parents, your fiance  on countless sleepless nights, being stressed on your wedding day, time, money and frustration.

    Is it worth it?


This Season’s Must Haves!

Favorite Products of the Month

Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer

A great hand sanitizer that you will love.  Cute, compact, and comes in many different scents.  Our favorite  is the Heirloom pair (shown below). Great for November, it is light and fresh plus s a germ killer.  Make a great addition to your purse.

Rose Salve Lip Balm

We are lip gloss obsessed at In the PINK Ink Events.  Our perfect lip balm for the beginning of the cold weather  is C.O Bigelow Rose Salve Lip Balm.  It is perfect for those chapped lips you hate to have.  Of course it has a pretty pink color, goes on smooth and  has a light rose scent.  Your lips will thank you for all the attention you are giving them.

Hand Food Hand Cream

Don’t forget your hands and especially when the cold wind may make them dry….Soap and Glory is amazing.  We were surprised to know it is actually made with marshmallows, how can you not love that? It will keep your hands soft all day long.  The travel size fits perfectly in your bag when you are on the go!!

Orbits Bubble Mint Gum

The best tasting bubble mint gum.  Perfect for chewing to get that fresh clean feeling, just like Orbit says.   It even comes in adorable packaging!

Favorite Planning Supplies

Martha Stewart NoteTabs

A cute way to keep tabs on yourself, literally.  Martha Stewart has them in adorable pastel colors to tab everything in your binder, planner, or magazine to access quickly and easily.

Martha Stewart Removable Color Coding Labels

Another coding system that works great.  Tabs are bigger so you can easily write personal preferences on them to remind yourself what you did or did not like.  Perfect way to keep yourself organized.  Tabs can even be removed easily.

Martha Stewart Notebook

A great notebook that will easily fit in your purse.  When you are planning, you need to be able to quickly write things down and this notebook is perfect for that.  Of course it comes in adorable designs too.
Do you want to know where you can get these great products?  Either like our Facebook Page  and comment below for a chance to win them or purchase them at:

Bath and Body Works




Put some fun in your planning

When it comes to making task list, we love using MS brand Reporter Notebooks – they come in so many colors and are so much fun to use.  To add some flair when we write down important dates and tasks – we use  Bic 4 Color Pens, along with GOLD Sharpie Markers and Navy Paper Mate Flair Pens {which we added a bit of dazzle to by making the ends of the pens gold}.  While looking through magazines or making notes, you might see something that needs to be tagged – try these page tabs {you can write your own tab note} these are our favorite also by MS Office.

We will be showing you how we use each of these items in the PINK Events OFFICE in our short vlogs coming soon!

How will you say {I do}? Some helpful tips on writting your own vows…

Just thinking of our wedding vows the other day. Glenn and I had the most amazing wedding and our vows did not leave a dry eye with any of our guests.  This was not what we expected,  They were simple, written by each of us and added our mark on the ceremony.

Are you preparing to write your own wedding vows, but feel stuck and nervous on how to begin?  This is how we went about it….

First we verified with our officiant that we could write our own vows.  Then got going – for me I needed a cool notebook to start the process

I love May’s Designs and they have customizable notebooks – you can pick from a variety of covers and pages  FULL AWESOMENESS

Of course for a more masculine journal you can always go to ETSY and shop around – We love Dancing Grey Studios and they have a fantastic journal and notebook selection.

Here are some helpful points:

{Start early} Give yourself at least a month in advance, or work on them after you set up your main vendors. Make sure you in a relax place, no rush time frame. Give yourself some deadlines on getting your first draft done maybe two – three weeks before the big day and have your  final version complete a couple of days before.

{Traditional or Non Traditional} If you have come to the decision on having original and not traditional, you may want to start with a greeting such as “my darling (or sweetheart, beloved, dearest, etc) partners name”. You could also do it with a quote that may have meaning to your relationship or to a song that mean something to you both as a couple. If you choose to go traditional then its just the basic “I, your name, ta When you sit down to write down your vows, don’t feel bad if you experience writers block, or start to panic. Just remember why you chose to write your own vows. To make it that more meaningful and remember able. Just take a deep breath and relax.

{Brainstorming}  Just  sit down with an pen and a piece of paper and start to scribble down what comes to mind. Just keep writing things down some things  you may consider to get going.

♥ How did you and your fiancé first meet?

♥ When did you realize you were in love?

♥ How has your relationship help you grow as a person?

♥ When you think of your future together, what does it look like?

{Your Marriage} Here is where you get to discuss what marriage may mean to you, the hopes and fears you may have as you enter into this new chapter with your partner.

{I do} Finally as you come to the concluding part of the vows finish up by letting your partner know how much you love them and how lucky you are to have them and how thanking them for who they are and giving them the chance to being with you.

Thinking of adding some bling to that ring finger?

Image take by Fucci Photos

1)    What is your Future Fiancé style? –   A diamond – maybe… or perhaps another stone? Don’t rule out sapphires, emeralds, jade or other unique stones.  Take a peek at the jewelry they already wear (Do they wear silver or gold more?).  Look in their jewelry box or ask someone their close with.  In simple terms, SPY on their style.

2)   Research the Ring – Know what kind of options for rings are out there.  Have you herd of the four C’s? – Carat, Clarity, Cut and Color.  These are very important options for diamonds because they will determine what the stone looks like.

3)   Pick a Budget – Know how much you can spend.  This is pretty important because you do not want to spend so much that you’ll be in debt – or too little.  Pick a price you can work with.

4)   Meet with Jewelers – There are a lot of jewelers out there, so get recommendations.  The best advice is to pick a jeweler that is dependable and has a good reputation.  You may want to ask a friend or family member to go with you, just so you have someone to ‘bounce’ things off of.

5)   Get Specific – Design it or even customize the ring if you like.


Just have fun and make sure to know their ring size.

xo, the Pink Interns

Thank you Fucci Photos for the amazing images!  ♥


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