Pinterest used for Inspiration!

Pinterest is a photo-sharing website that has recently been one of the latest social-media trends. Users can create their own boards and collection of pictures that they can “re-pin”. This website is very helpful for users such as event planners and people who are looking for inspiration when planning an event or wedding. Pinterest is a great tool used for idea sharing with people from all over the country. Brides to be are using this website more than ever. They are able to search different themes along with looking at the latest wedding trends when planning their own big day. Pinterest allows users to see how creative one can get when planning an event or wedding. Many of these ideas are not only used for the overall look of a ceremony or reception, but brides are also getting inspired by wedding dresses, engagement rings, and even colors and styles for their bridal party. Event planners can use Pinterest as a source to get new ideas to share with clients, as well as showcasing  previous events that they have put together. Many boards focus on design that can spark creativity and lean to an amazing attendee experience. The world of pinning is still evolving. These are just a few of the many creative ways that event planners can take advantage of the latest craze in a strategic way.

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Wedding Trends for 2013

On a mission to find the upcoming wedding trends for 2013….this is what we found!
We came across quite a few that are brand new, along with some that continue to exist. The most common trend that we keep seeing is the color mint for bridesmaid dresses along with the decor and overall theme of the wedding. There will be more bolder color choices of linen this year along with gold, coral and ivory. What has recently been popular is having a neon colored wedding. This trend occurred last year as well and many brides have taken their wedding to have more of a fun side, less traditional. With that said, prints have also been a trend that will begin to be a big hit in the year 2013. These prints will range from stripe to chevron and even floral print. Weddings have turned to be more unique than ever where there are no limitations to anything. Brides will be doing their own thing, such as coming up with creative food stations and activities to entertain their guests.
Trends are constantly changing especially in the fashion industry, but this year we see that the trend with wedding dresses will be vintage inspired dresses from the 1920s, along with another style that has pockets and low cut backs. Deciding on a venue really depends on the type of feel or theme you want your wedding to have. Rustic weddings are an up and coming trend where the location of the ceremony is not in a church, rather it is either in a barn or outdoors with wooden benches or even hay barrels for guests to sit on. We have seen that centerpieces for these rustic weddings will be jars or cadges with floral arrangements inside. The trend we see is that cover centerpieces will be seen at any type of wedding no matter what theme it may have. There will be such a variety of trends in the year 2013 for brides to discover. This will allow them to be very open minded when planning to not only make their wedding special and memorable, but unique enough to fit who they are.

Meet Our Interns…

Jennifer and Kelley

My name is Kelley and I attend Endicott College in Beverly, Ma. As a senior I am required to attain a semester long internship related to the field in which I study. My major is Hospitality with a concentration in Events Management. While I was on the hunt to find an internship, I came across In The Pink Ink Events which caught my attention right away. I knew I wanted to intern with an event planning company and expand my knowledge in an industry that I was so interested in. I knew In the Pink Inks would be the right fit for me, and I have truly experienced so much within these last few months thanks to Holly and her compassion for being an event planner.

My name is Jennifer Dorval, I am an undergraduate student at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA studying business management.  Each student must complete two internships by the end of their senior year in order to graduate.  I have many interests within the business field but am not sure what suits me the best.  This opportunity at In the Pink Ink will not only broaden my horizon but challenge my creative side.  Here at In the Pink Ink I am able to learn from a very successful event planner, meet some wonderful people, and enjoy the work that is being accomplished.  That is what matters most anyways, being happy and loving what you do.

   In the last couple of months we have had the privilege to work three large events, two weddings and one birthday.  The first event was Dave and Jess Fish’s wedding in Topsfield, MA at The Commons.  The venue and wedding itself was absolutely beautiful!  Kelley took notes while Holly went over the detailed schedule with the couple, making sure that everyone was on the same page. She was able to see the work that goes into planning a wedding from start to finish. Having a good idea of what the ceremony and reception of the were going to be like, Kelley then had the opportunity to help Holly start planning the candy bar and put together menu cards and center pieces for the table setting. Kelley was given the responsibility to come up with a design for the candy bar. The only challenge was trying to find candy that the client wanted in the colors purple and white; the color scheme for the wedding. The day of the wedding we assisted Holly and worked with the photographers and numerous staff members. We noticed how much of a team effort it takes to pull off a successful wedding.While Holly, Kelley, and Coco were at the ceremony site Jennifer was escorting the guests from the hotels to The Commons.  Everyone has their own specific responsibilities and it is crucial that those responsibilities are completed and on a timely manner. Positive attitudes, team work, communication, and time management are all key components to have throughout the day to make sure plans are followed through.  It’s also a relief knowing everyone is on the same page.  It is nice to see everyone come together and help each other out, specifically when it came time for us to set up the candy bar towards the end of the wedding. As the night was coming to a close we assisted guests by the candy bar and stocked candy when needed. As guests were leaving we said our farewells and congratulated the happy couple.  Everyone had enjoyed themselves and were very happy with the overall turnout.  It was a pleasure meeting those attending the event and also those involved with the setup. After the night was completed we felt more prepared and excited for upcoming events.
Bird Cage Cardholder
Escort Cards

Menu Cards

Wedding Cake

Purple and White Candy Bar

The second event that we were able to help plan was a wedding in Provincetown, MA. This wedding was on a smaller scale than the previous one.  Kelley was able to travel to the cape with Holly to meet her clients and sit down with them at the Harbor Hotel, which was the location that they were having their reception at. Their ceremony was going to be held on the beach, so Holly did not have to do too much in preparations for that. We all went over the reception schedule with the hotel manager to make sure everything was going to be placed appropriately and that the buffet was all squared away. A few weeks later, both Holly and Kelley met with the bride to put together floral arrangements for the centerpieces along with her boutique. The florist we worked with was so friendly and took the time to put together different arrangements until the bride fell in love with one. Kelley was able to see what it is like working within a budget and how you have to make the best out of what you can afford and sometimes negotiating is needed. Unfortunately Kelley was unable to be there the day of the actual wedding, but Jennifer was able to attend and help Holly with set up for reception. The wedding was a little more modern than previous ones seen, but it fit the location perfectly and the couple was extremely happy with how everything turned out, specifically how the weather cooperated for them and they were able to have their ceremony on the beach as they wished!

Ceremony Setup

Reception at Harbor Hotel overlooking the ocean

Escort Cards

Wedding Cake

Uniquely designed gift table

Cute Party Favors

The most recent event that we put together was a 30th birthday party that was being held at Kings Bowling Alley at Legacy Place. The client wanted her theme to be all neon colors withlots of glitter and items that would be able to glow in the black light. This was also a smaller scaled event but it was a lot of fun to plan because we could put our creativity to use. The client gave us the freedom to do whatever we wanted, as long as it fit within the theme. Holly andKelley created centerpieces which were little glass bowls that had glow stick liquored inside. This made the whole bowl glow and inside of that we ordered neon colored balloons that came in all sorts of shapes to stick out of the glass bowls. Along with the centerpieces, we put together another candy table which had an assortment of bright colored candy and mustaches for guests to wear. The party was held in a private room with a few lanes for guest to bowl at. There was also a full bar along with h’orderves and food that was provided by Kings. The client only had the private room for three hours, so we were able to be there ahead of time to set up. Everyone at the venue was eager to help us so the process went by fast which was a great help. Overall the room fulfilled all the clients expectations with the neon colors and all of the guests matched the decor as they dressed up in neon as well! The client was satisfied with her party and it was a huge success. We both feel more confident after being part of the planning process of these events.  Holly has been such a big help and she has been there to support us along the way! It is not easy sometimes, but it takes time and experience to learn how to master being an event planner and knowing how to handle any type of issue thatcomes across our path. We are both so thankful for this opportunity that Holly has given us and we hope to continue on to find our niche in this industry.

Neon and Glitter hats used for decoration

Neon colored Birthday Cake

Candy Table

Be our Guest?

Recently on PINTEREST we noticed some trending pictures and thought it was such a fun idea.  Thinking of what what you could do with those spare wedding invitations?

Maybe inviting some A-list celebrities might be the way to go! The interns at In the Pink Ink Events found out just how to do it!

Want to invite the President and First Lady?


Honorable Barack Obama and Mrs. Obama
The White House
Greetings Office Rm. 39
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, DC 20500
The White House Greetings Office takes care of wedding invitations. Send your wedding invitation at least six weeks in advance. Be sure to include your old and new mailing address in case the RSVP comes later. The White House typically responds with a congratulatory note stamped with an official seal.

How about the Pope?

Receiving a Wedding Blessing from the Pope
Pope Benedict XVI
Prefettura della Casa Pontifica
00120 Citta del Vaticano, Italia

The Pope is addressed as “His Holiness” or “Your Holiness”. You do not have to be Catholic.


Want a cute picture to congratulate you from Mickey and Minnie Mouse?

Guest Letters
Letters to Mickey Mouse
P.O. Box 10040
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-00100
Micky & Minnie
The Walt Disney Company
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, California 91521Even Cinderella and Prince Charming will send you a little note for your happily ever after….
Cinderella and Prince Charming
P.O. Box 1000
Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830

Interview with Megan Chapin Calligraphy

We recently interviewed Megan Chapin, from Megan Chapin Calligraphy, about her business and what it is she does. We enjoyed it very much! For those of you who do not know what calligraphy is, it is defined as the art of fancy lettering. Many hire calligraphers to do the writing on specific items for events such as envelopes, menus, programs, etc. It takes true talent to artistically create calligraphy, and even more talent to successfully pursue it professionally – Megan Chapin has that talent.

Growing up with a love of letters, learning cursive at a young age and admiring her mother’s talent in writing letters, Megan got her first calligraphy set when she was 12 and was self taught in the art of lettering. Attending community college in California, taking letter design, she continued to learn more about lettering taking a yearlong class in 2002. The days were rough, but the practice and critique were worth it. Finishing her class and knowing she could successfully do this, Megan began to call herself a professional, which I have learned there are few of. Many people only practice calligraphy as a hobby, it is rare you find a true professional – and Megan takes pride in being that.

Because professional calligraphers are hard to find, Megan has worked with clients all over the country. From the west coast to the east, where her business is located in Uxbridge, MA, Megan is very open to location. When it comes to her favorite type of lettering she has a soft spot for Script fonts in pointed pen, but is capable of whatever her clients wish. That being said, Megan is there to make her client’s visions come true. Giving the casual pointers and tips when it comes to what would look best; she is all about what her clients want. She will work with them to make the calligraphy done look fantastic!

If you are interested at all in calligraphy for your event, take a look at her website to learn more about Megan and her calligraphy!

It’s a beautiful form of art that everyone should check out!

Official Website:

F a c e b o o k
T w i t t e r
P i n t e r e s t
S u b s c r i b e