Spring is coming so Think GREEN!

We love that engaged couples have immense consumer power! Especially because  you will make all of the spending choices involved in your wedding day.  Just think, you can make a difference by selecting environmentally conscious options that are good for you and for the planet.

  1. Make Informed Jewelry Choices: Whatever your ring style or preferences, consider the source of your chosen metals or gems. Jewelers like Green Karat offer rings made from high quality, recycled metals. In addition, nonprofits such as Global Witness have developed consumer questions you can ask that will help you feel good about your diamond purchases.
  2. Be Fashionably Green: Think outside the box for your wedding dress, and you may find cheaper, more unique options. How about purchasing a vintage dress that you can tailor to create a style that’s all your own?  We love working with Seams Couture and Custom Gowns. If you’d prefer a new gown, there are a range of organic fabrics that can make for a beautiful, natural look. And when it comes to your bridesmaids, choose a dress option your maids will want to wear again and again.
  3. Eat Well: Give your guests a tasty and healthy meal by working with an organic caterer. If you’ll be serving meat or fish, ask your caterer to consider using naturally raised meat or fish choices that are environmentally friendly. Check out the list of approved seafood from the Monterey Bay Aquarium as you make your menu choices.
  4. . . . And Be Merry: As your guests raise a glass to toast your commitment, consider filling it with an organic beverage. Organic wines are a hot trend in the wine industry, and Organic Vintners is a great place to begin your search for the perfect pairing for your meal. For those who prefer a non-alcoholic beverage, try Honest Tea for a delicious, naturally brewed organic drink.
  5. Flower Power: As you picture your perfect flowers, think organic, seasonal, and potted. Most flowers in the United States are imported from South America where heavy pesticides are used, often without adequate protection for worker safety. As an alternative to these traditional production methods, consider an organic source, like Geraniums Red, Delphiniums Blue. Also, work with your florist to find blooms that are in season in order to avoid the financial and environmental cost of transporting out-of-state items. And don’t forget to ask about potted plants that you or your guests can enjoy long after your wedding day.

    Another alternative we love is handcrafted clay floral designs made of CLAYCRAFT by DECO Soft Clay! DK Designs is the perfect solution.

  6. Travel Light: Looking for a cool transportation option to get your guests around during your wedding weekend? Check out environmental rentals like Boston Pedicab in Boston or EV Rental Cars on the West Coast. Provide travel tips for your guests that include public transportation options and help arrange for car pools when possible.
  7. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Here’s a good rule of thumb for all of your wedding purchases: If it can’t be reused, recycled, or consumed, rent it. When you work with vendors, ask about their recycling policy and make sure they have one. Consider what kind of recycled materials you can use throughout your ceremony, starting with your invitations on recycled or tree-free paper.
  8. Create a Green Registry: Make your home as green as your wedding with green registry options such as Green Feet and Gaiam. You can also shop your values when you create a registry with fair trade organizations like Global Exchange which ensure workers and artisans receive a living wage for the goods they produce.
  9. Be Carbon Neutral: Guests will be coming from near and far for your celebration, and all that travel has an impact on the environment. There are many programs that can help make your celebration carbon neutral by allowing you to offset carbon dioxide emissions through investments in industrial efficiency and renewable energy projects. Check out options like Terrapass and the Carbon Fund. Native Energy and Portovert now also offer a Wedding Carbon Calculator to help you calculate the carbon impact of all aspects of your celebration.
  10. Eco-honeymoons: After the festivities have drawn to a close, keep the green spirit alive with sustainable travel or eco-tourism. Rainforest Alliance will help you be a savvy green traveler whether you want to wander Paris or the rainforests of Peru. If you are looking for a honeymoon adventure that combines nature conservation with improving the lives of native peoples, check out The International Ecotourism Society. Here you will find a comprehensive list of tour operators from around the world who have agreed to meet standards for responsible ecotourism standards.

Naomi Raiselle - March 8, 2013 - 10:33 pm

Ask your planner, venue, caterer to donate leftover food from the cocktail hour and reception. If they tell you they can’t because of liability issues, please send them to: http://www.nacenewengland.net. If they still want more, send them to the LAW. http://www.foodtodonate.com/Fdcmain/LegalLiabilities.aspx

Vivien Van Nostrand Jackson - March 21, 2013 - 6:11 pm

AWESOM SITE! I know you to be an ABOVE and BEYOND wedding planner ffom personal experience. You and your “team” are competent, friendly, passionate and MOST of all VERY WILLING to helpful…I mean running out for cough medicine for a bride the night before the gala event was fantastic, just one of the MANY hands-on things you guys do! SO glad to see this site…I’ll recommend to ALL I know for sure! I mean WICKED!

Big Day Beauty on a Budget!

Thoughts on spending up to $500 to get a brighter smile or $700 to make your lips fuller made one of our clients cringe. That made us think…maybe we could have some affordableBig Day Beauty Tips for our clients that won’t break the bank.  We wanted to find some that would fit into any budget and make you feel glamorous.  Over the next few weeks we will feature some of them…

Our first attempt was we wanted a whiter smile, drinking morning Starbucks and afternoon tea made our teeth a bit dull. We did our homework found that whitening strips may be the way to go Crest had the best rating on line – so off we went to purchase some  Crest WhiteStrips ®  –  with a $10 coupon in hand our final cost was $53.99.

The directions were very easy to understand; in the box were 4 sets of whitening strips.  Although the directions were not clear on the frequency of use, we decided to do the process every other night for four nights.

To our surprise, it worked like a charm. They say it works for about 8 weeks – we will need to keep you posted.  But for the short term  if you want a brighter smile for your big day – this would be a perfect investment.


What better way to show off your new white smile then full glossy lips.  After looking around the internet, reading some reviews and speaking with a few sales people at MAC, Sephora, and Ulta – we purchased a $16 tube of DuWop Lip Venom.
It was a clear gloss and had a wand easy applicator.  The application of the gloss made my lips tingle and really did “plump” up.  I loved the way the gloss went on and lasted for a few hours.  We did have to reapply in the middle of the day but we thought another great purchase.
We hope that you will try these two beauty products and let us know what you think about them.
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xo, the team from In the PINK Ink Events

Brides Against Breast Cancer is Coming to Waltham, MA!

Brides Against Breast Cancer is coming to Waltham, MA January 18th – 20th 2013 for their Nationwide Tour of Gowns Sale! Proceeds from the gown sales help those who have been impacted by cancer, their family members, and caregivers. Brides Against Breast Cancer sell numerous brands of designer gowns and gently worn gowns. Throughout their nationwide tour they have sold over 1,110 dresses this year! 71% of every dollar that is raised goes to free programs and services for those impacted by cancer. Brides Against Breast Cancer also carries reception dresses, bridesmaid dresses and mother of-the-bride gowns! If interested in registering or for more information go to www.bridesabc.org or call 1-877-721-HOPE. For those who are interesting in donating their wedding gowns and receiving a tax deduction, go to www.bridesabc.org to learn more!

Pinterest used for Inspiration!

Pinterest is a photo-sharing website that has recently been one of the latest social-media trends. Users can create their own boards and collection of pictures that they can “re-pin”. This website is very helpful for users such as event planners and people who are looking for inspiration when planning an event or wedding. Pinterest is a great tool used for idea sharing with people from all over the country. Brides to be are using this website more than ever. They are able to search different themes along with looking at the latest wedding trends when planning their own big day. Pinterest allows users to see how creative one can get when planning an event or wedding. Many of these ideas are not only used for the overall look of a ceremony or reception, but brides are also getting inspired by wedding dresses, engagement rings, and even colors and styles for their bridal party. Event planners can use Pinterest as a source to get new ideas to share with clients, as well as showcasing  previous events that they have put together. Many boards focus on design that can spark creativity and lean to an amazing attendee experience. The world of pinning is still evolving. These are just a few of the many creative ways that event planners can take advantage of the latest craze in a strategic way.

Check out In the Pink Ink Events Pinterest at: http://pinterest.com/pinkinkevents/

Here are some of our boards!

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Wedding Trends for 2013

On a mission to find the upcoming wedding trends for 2013….this is what we found!
We came across quite a few that are brand new, along with some that continue to exist. The most common trend that we keep seeing is the color mint for bridesmaid dresses along with the decor and overall theme of the wedding. There will be more bolder color choices of linen this year along with gold, coral and ivory. What has recently been popular is having a neon colored wedding. This trend occurred last year as well and many brides have taken their wedding to have more of a fun side, less traditional. With that said, prints have also been a trend that will begin to be a big hit in the year 2013. These prints will range from stripe to chevron and even floral print. Weddings have turned to be more unique than ever where there are no limitations to anything. Brides will be doing their own thing, such as coming up with creative food stations and activities to entertain their guests.
Trends are constantly changing especially in the fashion industry, but this year we see that the trend with wedding dresses will be vintage inspired dresses from the 1920s, along with another style that has pockets and low cut backs. Deciding on a venue really depends on the type of feel or theme you want your wedding to have. Rustic weddings are an up and coming trend where the location of the ceremony is not in a church, rather it is either in a barn or outdoors with wooden benches or even hay barrels for guests to sit on. We have seen that centerpieces for these rustic weddings will be jars or cadges with floral arrangements inside. The trend we see is that cover centerpieces will be seen at any type of wedding no matter what theme it may have. There will be such a variety of trends in the year 2013 for brides to discover. This will allow them to be very open minded when planning to not only make their wedding special and memorable, but unique enough to fit who they are.

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